• Quality

    What we put into our bodies is what we get out of our bodies. That's why we chose mushroom coffee with high-quality ingredients and craft each bag with care.

  • Function

    It's great to feel great for a little while, but we're about getting there for along while. The benefits of mushrooms are endless and we're here to help deliver them to you.

  • Flavor

    Sit back and enjoy the small things. Our unique blend of Arabica coffee, mushrooms, cacao, and coconut make for a rich and bold flavor certain to satisfy every pallet.

Flavor at our roots.

It's easy to stop by the drive thru, coffee shop, or grocery store for your morning cup of joe. We know, with over a decade of experience making coffee for you.

When good things have potential to be great, sometimes you have to step into a new space and pioneer. That's where Adaept was born, out of the potential for a more well rounded solution to all day energy.

Stumbling into our love for mushrooms and the heaping body function benefits they offer was so much of a good perk, we couldn't keep it to ourselves.

Try Adaept today.

Adaepts Mushroom Coffee can elevate your cognitive function and whole body health to the next level.